Activities and DIYs

DIY for Toddlers

COLOURS SORTING Materials required: 1) Piece of paper 2) Pencil colors and sketch pens 3) Velcro roll 4) Colored sheets 5) Fevicol and Scissors Procedure- This easy DIY can be made by just drawing a tree on the sheet instead of using cloth and stick velcros using fevicol. You can start with single colour and gradually increase the colors. This…

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Easy And Quick, Healthy Toddler Recipes

We Moms are always on the look out for new and healthy recipes for our little munchkins and what better than having a list of super healthy recipes that hardly takes 5-10 mins cooking time.. Oats Tikki Ingredients: 1) Oats flour 2) Rolled Oats 3) Boiled potatoes 4) Grated Carrot 5) Salt 6) Black Pepper 7) Milk Procedure: Mix oats…

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Travelling with a Toddler: Complete Guide

LOCATION & HOTEL First step towards travelling is to decide on location and hotel: Check for the weather of the location for the dates you are planning to go. Get reviews from someone who has travelled there, about how toddler friendly it is. Make important bookings like Hotel, Park tickets, conveyance in advance to avoid chaos. Pick a hotel in…

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Planning for Pregnancy- Some Key Points to Remember!!

Planning for Pregnancy If you are planning for pregnancy, you must visit your doctor for preconception care and guidance. A preconception care is an opportunity wherein you and your partner can make necessary changes in your lifestyle and habits before trying for as baby. Preconception increases the chances of having a healthy baby. Therefore, if you are looking for such…

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My True Love- My Daughter

I have been in love before becoming a Mother but never knew what selfless love was. My Life took a complete U-turn after giving birth. This Valentine month, instead of writing a letter to my husband, i want to write it to my daughter. I hope one day when she will get to read this, she can be proud of…

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