5 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Every New Mom

During pregnancy, one basic thought almost all of us had was that we just want to get over with this soon and have our little ones in our hand. Little did we know that pregnancy and delivering is the easiest part of parenting and I think that first year of motherhood is one of the most challenging and toughest phase of our. Our first year of parenting is full of a lot unanswered questions and endless queries regarding every action of our babies.. Sharing top 5 queries and some answers to them:

  1. Why does my baby stay up all night? This is one of the biggest issue we face with new born, right? Let me tell you that first 2-3 months are going to be like that only and for some moms it may be longer because according to babies, night time is their play time because its dark inside womb, but you got to set a fixed round the clock routine with your baby as soon as possible if you want quick results.
  2.  Why does my baby cry so much, even if its not hungry? Ofcourse the major reason of babies crying is hunger but of you have just fed them and they are still crying then check for your milk supply, if all is ok then check if they are sleepy or have peed or pooped, If its none of these then see for colic symptoms and take actions and If you cant find any reason then dont worry, sometimes they cry just like that too, funny isnt it?
  3. Why does my baby put everything in its mouth? According to my observation, i think these might be some of the reasons- They might be teething and chewing on stuff soothes their gum.It is their way of exploring new things, like their body parts or other toys. They eat whatever is in front of them, might be developing taste buds and exploring the stuff around them. They are too small to differentiate between food and other things, since birth all they do is feed and sleep. Therefore they feel that everytime is meal time.
  4. Why is my baby poop irregular and sometimes varies in color? Breastfed babies tend to have irregular poop routine and even if they dont poop for 2-3 days its perfectly normal, just make sure they are playful and their weight gain is normal. Formula fed babies poop is green in color also sometimes due to infection or some new food we feed their poop might change color. If you find something really unusual then check with your doc.
  5. When will my baby crawl, sit, walk, stand and do other stuff? First of all never compare you baby’s development and growth with other babies, every baby has a different growth rate and developmental stages. Almost of all this starts after they complete 5 months and sooner or later they reach their milestone on their own. We cant really do anything in teaching them all these. Consult with your doc only if you think you baby is lacking way behind.

Though there are endless such questions frequently asked by New Moms but these are Top 5 according to me as per my experience. Do you guys agree or have something to add to this list? Drop in your views in the comments sections.

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7 thoughts on “5 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Every New Mom

  1. Can you believe it, I recently became mommy second time over and I still ask these questions..hahaha. I guess the worrisome and curious nature of a mother of a newborn is given… no matter how many times you give birth 🙂

  2. these questions were always in the top charts of my mind when I was a new mommy. Indeed a very helpful read for all the mommies. How I wish I got to read this before.

  3. This post transported me to those sleepless nights when as a first-time mother, you are confused, tired and often seeing googling atleast 10 questions a day!
    We often worry so much and have such valid (sometimes not so valid) queries to be satisfied.It’s a great post for new mommies-to be and a good assurance that no questions are less important when it comes to your baby.

  4. Your post took me back to my early days with newborn babyT. I miss those days where I would google everything and ask a million questions to my friends.

  5. This post took me back to when my babies were teeny tiny. I think it’s so normal of a new mom to worry about every little thing include the colour of baby’s poop. Haha!

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