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DIY for Toddlers


Materials required:

1) Piece of paper

2) Pencil colors and sketch pens

3) Velcro roll

4) Colored sheets

5) Fevicol and Scissors

Procedure- This easy DIY can be made by just drawing a tree on the sheet instead of using cloth and stick velcros using fevicol. You can start with single colour and gradually increase the colors.

This DIY will initially help in teaching colours one by one then sorting them, along with working on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination of your little one. This little DIY is your all in one solution to teach your little one colours and to keep them busy for good 20-25 mins.


Materials Required

1) Edible dough

2) Stick

3) Coloured Pasta or Pipes or Straws

Procedure- This activity requires minimal work. All you need is an edible dough(if baby still puts everything in mouth), insert the stick in the dough and ask them to stack pasta or pipe or straws in it. You can further create variety by asking them to stack colour wise or sequence wise or number wise. Lot many variations can be done in this single activity.

This will keep them busy, entertained, help in increasing their concentration and best of all will work on their fine motor skills. You can always make these activities more interesting by creating variations and increasing hardships for them.

This blog is a part of The DIY blog train hosted by Oneupbaby, @momzdiary , Mama musings, Lovethatyoucanbuy . Here we Moms have united to share different DIYs that you can easily do to keep your little one’s engaged. So hop on this train and save lots of fun ideas for your infants and toddlers.

Hoping next on the train is Danisha from Lovethatyoucanbuy. Mommy to a 2 year old little doll. She actively writes about baby fashion, DIYs, books for kids and lot many more such topics and basically her profile is all in one guide for parenting yoir little one lovethatyoucanbuy

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12 thoughts on “DIY for Toddlers

  1. Such a wonderful post, love the Quick and easy diy’s, not only does it make playtime fun time but also engages in learning, colouring, stacking and more.

  2. Love the pasta stacking activity.. That must be helpful for coordination abilities of child.. Wish I knew about this one earlier.. Would share with the moms of toddlers…

  3. I liked the way you have used multiple colors which are so attractive. Thanks for such wonderful share of DIY. My child will love doing this…specially the pasta one!!

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