Grandparents are a Special gift from God, Its our turn now to look after them !!

I was fortunate enough to have both paternal and maternal grandparents while i was growing up and now watching my little one play with her grandparents and mine too gives me nothing but feeling of immense joy.

There are not just a hand few but countless reasons to term grandparents as a blessing. From letting us do mischieves to guiding us through right and wrong, grandparents are child’s first best friend. I think now its our turn to do a little something for them in return of all they have done for us, though whatever we do will be less but atleast watching them happy will give us a sense of satisfaction. Some ways through which we can bring a smile on their face-

  1. Personalized greetings- Help our little one in making personalized card or gift on their special occassions.
  2. Cook- We can ask our little one to help us in cooking their grandparent’s fav dish and let them decorate it their way.
  3. Take them out- Take our kids and grandparents for outings or if possible send them out to a park, play area or any safe place where they can have some fun.
  4. Call- If your kids dont live with their grandparents, make sure to make them talk on phone frequently so they can strengthen their bond.
  5. Share memories- Ask your little one to go sit with their grandparents and ask them about their childhood memories or your childhood memories or any of their happy memories and experiences.
  6. Take Help- Even if you dont need their help with your child’s school work or anything related to them, still ask them to help over a school project or some question to make them feel all important.
  7. Guidance- Ask for their guidance and let your little one hear their suggestions over their issues, they might come out with some great suggestions.
  8. Time- Most important of all give them your and your little one’s time. Let them feel your presence and their importance in your life. They are old and free and just need sometime out of our busy schedules.

Dont let your child miss on this pure blessing of God and let their grandparents feel the joy of having their grandchildren around them, watch them grow and have fun with them.


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I would like to thank Rashmi for inviting me aboard, you can read her post on grandparents here – https://ajisthsmomstyle.com/why-people-with-grandparents-are-blessed/ and now I would like to further introduce you to Dhanya Prajesh who will now hop on this train. Dhanya Prajesh is a doctor by profession and a mother to 2 year old rainbow boy on earth and 2 angels in heaven. She is a cervical incompetence fighter and a proud TAC mom. She enjoys spring breezes, chirping birds, blooming flowers and to get cozy with a coffee and good book to read. Dhanya is new to blogging and the blog was started to share helpful insights and resources about cervical incompetence and TAC. She is passionate about wonders of motherhood and creating a happy home and her blog is a reflection to that . She blogs at https://dhanyasuresh.wordpress.com

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6 thoughts on “Grandparents are a Special gift from God, Its our turn now to look after them !!

  1. Rightly said we are the connection between the two generations definitely should use technology to bring them closer

  2. Such a lovely post and totally agree with all the points that you mentioned to stay connected with the grandparents. Time is something we don’t have in this fast-paced life, giving them some time and care will definitely make them feel special.

  3. Lovely points to stay connected with grandparents… I love the idea of making personalised greeting cards.. Will be trying that out this summer vacation..

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