Hair Loss During and Post Pregnancy

Experiencing Hair Loss is like a nightmare for women and this issue is quite common during and post pregnancy…

Though increase in Estrogen levels in the body during pregnancy may lead to thicker and fuller hair, still a lot of women face major hair fall too.. But Hair Fall Post Partum is majorly faced by a large section of women..

Many Moms and Moms to be keep asking me for Hair tips and How do I manage such Long hair.. The Secret is just a little Self care, that we Moms often ignore after having babies..

So Here I am sharing some Reasons of Hair Fall and Tips to Combat that..


Reasons for Hair Fall during Pregnancy

  • Low intake of Protein in diet
  • Deficiency of Iodine
  • Baby taking up extra nutrients from the body
  • Hormonal changes
  • Not having essential Multi Vitamins

How to Combat Hair Fall during Pregnancy

  • Have Protein rich diet (Can eat Threptine biscuits)
  • Add Almond oil in your food or milk (Also good for Baby’s Hair)
  • Do regular Oiling and decrease the frequency of Hair wash
  • Exercise
  • Take all the essential Multi Vitamins
  • Use Mild Shampoos

IF you are already following all these tips and still going through major hair fall, then talk to your Doctor about it.. They can prescribe medicine accordingly..


Reasons for Post Partum Hair Fall

  • Lack of Self Care
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Fall in Estrogen Level
  • Lack of Balanced diet
  • Lack of PreNatal Multi Vitamins

Ways to Combat Post Partum Hair Fall

  • Avoid taking stress
  • Drink Lots of Water
  • Avoid Hair Volumizing Products with chemicals
  • Use Mild Shampoo
  • Do Regular Oiling and decrease the frequency of Hair Wash
  • Keep them tied
  • Avoid Heating products for Styling
  • Take all the essential PreNatal Vitamins

DIY Hair Masks To Increase the Volume of Hair

  1. Onion – Apply onion juice in the scalp for 15 mins and use a mild milk based Shampoo to wash hair thereafter.. (Most effective hair mask)
  2. Alov vera – Cut the Aloe Vera stick into half and rub its gel over the Scalp, also you can take its juice 2-3 times a week..  SECRET TIP- Rubbing Aloe vera gel over stretch marks can lighten them..
  3. Potatoes– Boil some Potatoes in the Water and then use that water at luke warm temperature to apply over the scalp and then use a Shampoo to rinse it off..

I Hope these Tips and Masks help you with the Hair fall and You get those Shiny and Thicker Hair back soon!!!

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