How I Toilet Trained My 8 Months Old


Toilet/Potty Training the child is one of the biggest challenge that every Mom has to experience.. Similarly i was really paranoid about how will i train my little one..I read lots of articles and tips on HOW TO POTTY TRAIN.. All the articles suggested to start the training after 2 years and maximum of them suggested to bribe or reward the kid for doing so..

My Mom being a saviour suggested to start pee training when my daughter was just 2 Months Old and It really did worked and gradually I started her Potty training as soon as she completed 8 months..

Sharing Some Tips and Tricks with you all on How can you go about it ..


Signs that shows that the baby is ready for Potty Training:

  1. The Baby is able to sit properly without support.
  2. Baby is comfortable and not at all fussy in the Bathroom.
  3. Baby reacts to the sshhiinngg sound you make.
  4. Can be easily distracted with rhymes or by talking dramatically to them.
  5. When Baby easily adapts the new change.
  6. Baby has some kind of poop routine. (MOST IMPORTANT)

If the Baby is showing some of these signs, you can begin the training soon.. If not showing any such signs, you will have to start preparing the baby before beginning with the training..


Tips on How to Start Preparing before beginning the training:

  1. Get the Baby acquainted to the sshhinng sound by making this noise whenever the Baby is peeing or pooping, so that Baby can associate this sound with them.
  2. Observe the poop routine or try to create one and note down the durations and timings of Baby’s Poop time.
  3. Get Baby acquainted to the Toilet/Washroom so it doesn’t cry if has to sit in for long.
  4. Start taking Baby to the toilet for peeing by making sshiingg sound and holding over the Pot or Wash Basin.

Once you feel that the Baby is comfortable with almost of these, Voila! You can begin training the Baby then…



How to Start the Training:

  1. Get a Potty seat or Chair with the handles so that the baby can feel safe and comfortable by holding on to it.
  2. Once you are aware of the routine and Baby has started reacting to sshhinng sound, take the Baby to the Toilet around the routine time, make it sit on the pot and make the ssshhing sound.
  3. Don’t leave the Baby even for a second alone on the pot.
  4. Babies will want to come in your arms or get down, distract them with poems, showing stuff around or any conversation that they are fond of.
  5. Initially you might have to take the Baby 7-8 times in a day but once they will understand what is to be done, they will start doing it almost every time you take them to Toilet.
  6. Once they will get acquainted with this concept they will start giving you signs like crying or trying to apply pressure whenever its Poop Time.. Take them to the Toilet immediately then or even if they don’t give you signs, take them to the Toilet as per their routine.


My Baby was 2 Months old when she used to Pee on the sshhingg sound in the Wash Basin and got Potty Trained within a week ,soon after she completed 8 months.. Initially in the first few days had to take her quite often but now after a month, she automatically signals me by giving some kind of expressions around her routine time..even if she doesn’t signal me i take her to the Toilet after every meal, to avoid even a single dirty Diaper..


P.S – Sometimes babies get really scared of the Pot/Toilet and hold in their poop and end up getting all Constipated.. Don’t pressurise or force the Baby if the Baby is getting really Uncomfortable or Scared.. They might learn it late then but its better than making them all sick because of this…


Hope this article could be of some help to you.. Do share your reviews in the comments section and let me know if you get any doubt..

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  1. This is a great read.. my mom and MIL have talking to me about this. What kind of a potty seat do u recommend? All the ones in stores say 18m+ … is it ok to use so early(8m)? Also, do the same steps apply for pee also? Right now he pees so many times throughout the day ?

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