How to Encourage bonding between kids and Dad

I have always had a great bonding with my dad from sharing secrets to having a heart to heart conversation, he was all ears to me and gave me best of advices and words of wisdom. The reason for our bonding is my Mom, and her way of getting us gel together since the very beginning. It is really very important to help them build a bond from the very beginning, because its much easier that time. We were always in a joint family, with maids and all and same is the case with my daughter. Therefore, in order to create a bond between my husband and my daughter, I try to follow these tricks:

  1. Give them some alone time without any help around, so the kid will know that even papa can do my chores properly and trust them better.
  2. Ask him to join you both frequently to parks, school, kids zone or any place that you go, this way the baby will know that dad is always around and there for them.
  3. Give him the toughest task, that is to entertain the little one. Like reading a book to them, coloring along or teaching them stuff. Through this the baby will know that dad is fun to have around.
  4. Encourage them to have conversations with each other by sharing how their day was or what new things they learned or anything which will make them feel closer to each other.
  5. Let your husband spoil them a little, because we know Moms are always their favorite person, but if you will let their dad pick their favorite stuff for them then this will definitely give dad a little edge over mommy.

There is absolutely no denial about the fact the Dad and Mom loves the kid equally but still somehow kids tend to be closer to their Moms because of the time they spend with her. If we help dads a little from the beginning then you never know, Dads may become equally favorite for your child.

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7 thoughts on “How to Encourage bonding between kids and Dad

  1. We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been the one reliable man in our lives, and they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand. We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow their footsteps and will always make the right decision like they have taught us.well written. And thank u for sharing ur feeling.

  2. I too believe in leaving my son with his dad for letting them converse n understand the philosophy of this relationship and it really works. They may cherish those moments forever.

  3. Amazing tips there to strengthen the bond between father and kids..I am sure would be helpful for #sueprhero who HV things in heart but need that Lil push to show their love.

  4. I always use to give them some privacy, to increase there daddy beta bond. And sometime task to feed the baby, taking him for bath, spending time with him.. entertaining him ( board games, cricket), no tv or mobile during that time…. so they can increase there bond…. Wonderful blog dear.

  5. Thanks for sharing this useful tips Anisha, even i am also doing the same tricks with my hubby n kids, in this way kids know their dad better and they enjoy his company…

  6. Lovely tips. Very simple and thought provoking. It’s said mother is the first teacher and the child learns so much from her even about the father. It’s the mother’s duty to ensure the kid is spending quality time and bond with the dad and other family members. Lovely blog. #superhero

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