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Learning toys for 1 year old


If you are a mom of a toddler you know that since the time these little ones start walking they go into some hyperactive mode and has all their concentration towards walking, running, being all destructive and what not. At this stage it is very important to pick the right toys which helps us mom in working on their skills, which can keep them busy and help them use their energy in productive manner. From 0-5 years of age kids are on constant spree of learning and if we don’t indulge them into something meaningful then they might end up learning unnecessary or destructive stuff. Some of the toys picked by me really helped in enhancing various skills of my little ones which are apt for her age. You can pick any or all of these to teach your toddler something meaningful at the same time entertain them and keep them busy.

  1. Wooden Toys– There are a lot of wooden toys available, begin with the easy ones with colours, shapes ,food items or animals pieces. This will work on their fine motor skills, can be used in teaching them colours, shapes or animals, wooden toys are safe and their bright attractive make helps in grabbing toddler’s attention.
  2. Board books– Board books with images that they can now relate to in their daily life will help in developing their interest towards the book, you can ask them to match the product with the pictures in the book or generally use to entertain or teach them from it.
  3. Fabric/felt books– These books are interactive books and specially designed to entertain and enhance learning in the kids. They have a lot of variety and you can begin with the genre which interests your little one more. Different activates in them like matching colours, sticking on velcro, identifying correct placement and recognising the elements in the book helps in working on various skills.
  4. Flash Cards– Little one loves flash card with big images on them. Again there are a lot of variety in them, go for mixed ones through which you can teach maximum stuff like animals, alphabets, household items and all. This way it can be used for longterm and can be used in various forms like identify the card, match the card with product, match sound with animals and so on.
  5. DIY toys– There are a lot of DIY activity ideas easily available on the net which requires basic stuff available at home but can easily work on a lot of skills. Like put coins in a piggy bank, put straws in a basket, insert ear buds in the straw, makes shapes with flour dough, textures game with variety of food available at home. There are endless such options which can keep your toddler busy in learning something productive without burning a hole in your pocket. 


These are some options that worked best for us. It is not necessary to buy all of these but try to buy them in a set of similar activities. Suppose if you are teaching them animals then whatever you buy out of these pick the ones with animal base, so that they can see similar animals in all their toys and this way they will be easily able to recognise animals. One thing which is a must is to give them physical and outdoor exposure as much as possible so they can relate theory with real world, so as to whatever they learn gets a permanent place in their memory.

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I am a Mommy to an 1 year old little munchkin.Before becoming a Mom, I was all about doing and learning loads of stuff either through classes or through virtual world. This habit of mine triggered me to make my Mommy journey creative and fun after spending 2 super busy months indoor doing mom duties. Also after becoming a mom, I realised there are so many things a Mother needs to do and I am Blessed to have many people around me who guide me through this. But then there are some Moms who lacks that guidance in their life, which inspired me to start posting informative stuff related to pregnancy and parenting. Also i came across so many Moms who don’t get enough time to research about parenting, hence i thought of doing all the informative researches and keep it to the point and easy to be done with minimal availability of stuff around them. So you can expect lots of tips, personal experiences, DIYs and much more. This Mommy is here for you round the clock !!
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7 thoughts on “Learning toys for 1 year old

  1. Hi follow tour diy , my baby still 10 month but I have been keeping a track of all your work and diy ideas and goona follow it for my son . Thanks and keep up the good work

  2. Your DIY are very useful n full of information…as my DD is 14 months old it helps me teach her new things easily n she has learned many things due to this…
    Tracking ur every post…keep posting

  3. This article continues to be my all time favourite! !With the overwhelming toys for kids today, we end up buying so much without even knowing if it would be useful for them.!you really helped me realise the toys,learning tools which are worth investing(which is actually quite cheap and really engaging for kids) .

  4. toys is best way to learning skill for babies which we should select best for babies wodden toys s most perfect which eco-friendly and knowledge of it

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