Mommying: Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions #Myfriendalexa

When I was pregnant, I literally wanted those days to end soon and have my baby with me. The day I had her was the most beautiful day of my. But I was totally unaware about the journey I embarked on. Being a New Mom means experiencing variety of emotions, all at the same time.

You are happy to finally have them with you but extremely scared about how will you look after them.

Even though you are glad that the baby is finally out but miss those days of your pregnancy when you were pampered all the time.

You just want to sleep for a while but you also dont want to miss even a single glance of your little one.

You want to shed those extra kilos as soon as possible, but you are too lazy and tired to get yourself to workout.

You want someone to look after your baby and have some relaxed time, but end up missing them the minute they are away.

You want to experience some peace and silence around you for a while, but starts getting all worried when the baby is all quiet.

You want to look your best again and feel good about yourself and your body, but you also dont want to get up and get ready.

You get happy when your baby starts getting comfortable with others, but all of a sudden you feel all jealous and possessive towards the baby.

You keep praying for the baby to grow up as fast as possible, but the very next minute you just want to pause the time and want them to stay the same tiny little bunny they are.

These mixed emotions are a permanent part of Mom’s life and we Moms can share endless such incidents but nothing beats the joy of raising a tiny little human who just belongs to us.

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I am a Mommy to an 1 year old little munchkin.Before becoming a Mom, I was all about doing and learning loads of stuff either through classes or through virtual world. This habit of mine triggered me to make my Mommy journey creative and fun after spending 2 super busy months indoor doing mom duties. Also after becoming a mom, I realised there are so many things a Mother needs to do and I am Blessed to have many people around me who guide me through this. But then there are some Moms who lacks that guidance in their life, which inspired me to start posting informative stuff related to pregnancy and parenting. Also i came across so many Moms who don’t get enough time to research about parenting, hence i thought of doing all the informative researches and keep it to the point and easy to be done with minimal availability of stuff around them. So you can expect lots of tips, personal experiences, DIYs and much more. This Mommy is here for you round the clock !!
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4 thoughts on “Mommying: Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions #Myfriendalexa

  1. Can’t agree more on this, mom life comes with its own baggage of feelings and it turns our life into a roller coaster of untamed emotions. You have expressed it beautifully.

  2. I can completely understand your sentiments. After 35 years of being a mom I am now enjoying the experience all over again with three Under 5 toddler grandchildren who keep me on my toes. Enjoy your little one – it’s the best life ever.

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