My True Love- My Daughter

I have been in love before becoming a Mother but never knew what selfless love was. My Life took a complete U-turn after giving birth. This Valentine month, instead of writing a letter to my husband, i want to write it to my daughter. I hope one day when she will get to read this, she can be proud of how her mother raise her.

To my little princess,

Firstly I want to Thank you for choosing me as your Mom and giving me this privilege of raising a daughter like you. Before having you I have read 1000’s of quotes about Mother’s love but after having you I really now know, what it is to Love someone so selflessly and unconditionally. I fell in love with you the Moment i first heard your heartbeats and that was the beginning of my journey as a Mother, your protector.

Before having you, I was carefree, wild and adventurous but now that I have you I am scared to the bits, its not like I am suddenly afraid of death or something but how can I let someone else look after my piece of heart, how can i ever trust someone to love you and take care of you the way I do it. I dint know what real pain was before I first saw you bleeding when u fell off the bed and made me go all numb. I had no idea that someone so little could make such a big impact on someone’s life.

Whenever I read about whats going on in the World, I feel I have absolutely no courage to let my baby face the World ever. Its not like it was very safe back when we were kids, I am sure must have been real hard for our parents too. Staying worried is not a solution, i ll make you a strong person who will be ready to face every challenge.

I know soon you will outgrow my hands and will be on your own but you will always find me around. I know you are just a year old but the thought that some day you will marry someone and enter into a new life, leaving us behind aches my heart. Why cant we have you with us all our life?

Someday you might have a sibling, may be a sister or a brother but no one will ever replace you or take any part of us away from you. I will always love you the way I do now, may be more with every passing day.

But no matter what the situations be, I promise to stand by your side forever, I will always guide you through right and wrong and will teach you to grow up to be strong enough to handle all the hardships by yourself. I may not always be physically present with you but will be right there with you in your heart, in your mind and in your soul. May God always shower you with countless blessings and give you all the strength you need.

Your loving Mother

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Happy Month of Love!!

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10 thoughts on “My True Love- My Daughter

  1. Beautiful Anisha. True love and relationship are not reserved for husband’s and boyfriends. We as mother have much love priorities too. And yes your daughter will be So so proud of you.

  2. Awwwww. This is like reading my own story re. I was also a wild party child before Miraya was born. And yeah. The thought of someday going away already hurts me. Maybe I’ll get a ghar jamai. ???

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