Planning for Pregnancy- Some Key Points to Remember!!

Planning for Pregnancy

If you are planning for pregnancy, you must visit your doctor for preconception care and guidance. A preconception care is an opportunity wherein you and your partner can make necessary changes in your lifestyle and habits before trying for as baby. Preconception increases the chances of having a healthy baby. Therefore, if you are looking for such preconception advice apart from the doctor’s advice, this article can benefit you a lot.

Whether it is a first, second or third baby, now that you are thinking how to get pregnantand have a healthy baby, the following steps will help you to get ready for the healthiest pregnancy.

  • Visit your doctor

If you are planning for a pregnancy, you should meet and consult your doctor first. Your doctor will check your previous medical history and your physical health and will guide you accordingly. You should also talk to your doctor about Lifestyle, eating habits, any sort of addiction, etc.

  • Start taking Folic Acid Tablets daily

Folic Acid is a vitamin of the B complex found especially in leafy green vegetables. Folic acid helps in the production of red blood cells and helps in the development of neural tube in baby’s brain and spinal cord. Therefore, when you are planning for pregnancy start consuming 400 mg of folic acid daily. It can be consumed in tablets as well.

  • Eat Healthy and nutritious diet

A healthy and nutritious diet is good to have a healthy baby. Both you and your partner should look for a healthy diet and avoid consuming unhealthy junks. A healthy and nutritious diet leads to a healthy pregnancy.

  • Know your Ovulation days

Ovulation is a time when a woman is most fertile and have a greater chance to conceive. This is the best to get pregnant. An ovulation occurs after the 14 days of last menstrual cycle. However, this may vary with one or two days depending upon the menstrual cycle of a woman. Get yourself clearly understood on ovulation by consulting with your doctor.

  • Keep yourself Stress-Free

To have a healthy pregnancy, you need to live a happy and stress-free life. You can do this by feeling good about yourself and value yourself. It is all about how we feel, think and act in our life. Therefore, be mentally healthy and stress-free.

  • Do not be Overweight

Being overweight or obese is not a good sign if you are planning for pregnancy. People who are overweight undergo with significant complications during the pregnancy, and many of them do not even get to conceive. The proper weight can be maintained if followed good dietary changes, and modify the way of living.

  • Stop drinking Alcohol, Smoking tobacco

If you or your partner is an alcohol or tobacco addict, then it is a high-time to quit all these unhealthy lifestyle habits. All these unhealthy habits affect the reproductive system of a human being. Moreover, these habits are not at all safe for a human being too.

However, if you are trying to get pregnant and unable to quit these unhealthy habits, talk to your doctor and seek help.

  • Learn your family health history

Learning about your family’s medical and health history is a good idea before trying to get pregnant. There seem several diseases, which are hereditary in nature. Therefore, if you find some unusual medical history in your family, inform your doctor so that she can start with genetic counseling procedure.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is a good and recommended option for every woman who are planning for pregnancy. If you are unable to continue with your exercise regularly, you can practice yoga, instead. Both yoga and exercise provide physical fitness to mind and body, needed for a healthy lifestyle.

Hope this article helps you in planning your pregnancy. This is the first guest post on my site by Akansha Bansal.

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6 thoughts on “Planning for Pregnancy- Some Key Points to Remember!!

  1. People usually do not realise the importance of taking Folic Acid early on or before they plan to get pregnant. Some doctors recommend to start taking them almost 3 months before getting pregnant. This is a good checklist for all those trying to conceive.

  2. Very informative and a great post , I am sure it will be very useful for people trying get pregnant.Eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle before conceiving is something very important and can’t be more stressed upon.

  3. You have very nicely curated an all encompassing list of things to take care of while planning for pregnancy. I could related to almost all the points myself.

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