Ready to Pop Out? Wait !! This is what you need


For all those first time Pregnant Moms who are ready to pop, there are a lot of things which you need to prepare in advance. Though in some cultures you are not allowed to buy stuff before the baby’s arrival but this is something which you really need to keep handy before hand to avoid chaos post delivery.

Here is a list of some essentials that you should be prepared with before your baby’s arrival:

  • Baby Clothes- This includes lot of nappies, jhabla (t-shirt, tops), lowers, sweater, pair of mittens, socks, cap, inners and make sure to wash all of these in baby detergent, then dip them in Dettol water before you use them for the baby to kill germs so as to avoid any sort of infection.
  • Baby Essentials- Swaddle cloth (give them cozy comfort like womb), quick dry (to soak pee), diapers, bathing product (baby soap, cream, powder, comb), towel, massage oil and mat, baby clothes detergent and Dettol (for disinfecting clothes after wash), blanket, nail cutter, bathing chair, baby wipes, cotton balls, and diaper rash cream.
  • Baby Protection- Mosquito net or deet-free mosquito repellent, hand sanitizers for all those who touch the baby, baby cot and baby bed.
  • Baby Entertainment- Rattles, musical hangings, swing or baby rocker.
  • Mommy Care- Abdominal belt, nip care cream, stretch marks cream, hot water bag, feeding pillow.
  • Mommy Essentials- Nursing gown, nursing bra, bra pads, sanitary pads, almond oil for hair, massage oil.
  • Mommy food- Shatawri powder (to increase milk), cow’s ghee, ajwain, jeera and homemade medicines for post delivery

Try to keep almost all of these ready when you are about to pop because once the baby arrives, you literally won’t even have the time to breathe. Along with baby stuff, prepare for all your post delivery things as well because for a long duration post baby you are going to be at home and won’t be able to buy the stuff of your choice later on.

I hope this list helps you and let me know if you think I missed out on something..

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