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How To Teach Animals To A Toddler

To begin with, let me tell you that no 2 kids are similar and while some may grasp quickly, others may take time. This doesn’t mean that they are any less intelligent but kids are really distracted at this age and their concentration span is really less. You need to work a little harder but you will be able to teach everything sooner or later. Now I am sharing some tips that worked wonders for us, all steps may not work in your case but it is definitely worth the try.

  1. REPETITION- First and the most important tip to teach anything is Repetition, you cannot expect them to learn stuff just by telling it to them once or twice. Also repetition here means atleast 10-15 times daily when you begin teaching something.
  2. EXPOSURE- In order to teach something it is very important to give them real world exposure, so that they can instantly connect with what you are trying to teach them. For ex, once i took her out on her stroller and just when my little one was looking at a cow trying to figure out what exactly is this, BAM!! Cow Mooed, since then cow and its sound is imprinted in her brain. It is easy for them to learn those things which they see in real around them.
  3. AUGMENTED REALITY(Optional)- It is a 4d way of connecting real world stuff to virtual world, these games are easily available on amazon. Now I am not promoting digital exposure here but you can’t practically  take them out daily or show all types of animals around, right? Virtual world is our rescue for this issue. Only 10 mins a day is more than enough. Start with the animals they already know like cow, dog, cat, etc and then move towards other animals which are common and can be easily found in their books, toys or any stuff around them like Elephant, tiger, zebra, rabbit.
  4. ANIMAL THEMED TOYS- When you are on a teaching spree, try to keep all the toys, books etc of that theme only around them. Like here in our case i used magnetic animals, wooden toys, flash cards and books all based on animal theme. This maintains a variety, works on their skills side by side and expose them towards same animals again and again making it permanent in their memory.
  5. KEEP ASKING- Whenever they are busy with anything related to animals, make sure to either mention the name every time they touch any animal or ask them where is this and where is that. It becomes like a game for them and also makes it thorough for them.
  6. MATCH IT- You can create DIY stuff or use the toys which you already have and divide them into 2 groups of similar animals. Let them identify and point correctly all the animals of both the groups and then ask them to match it with each other. If they are able to do, VOILA!! then you can be sure that your little one now knows all the animals that you have taught her.


Now same steps can be used to teach them any XYZ stuff, be it fruits & vegetables or any other day to day stuff. Comment if you would like me to add any more point or if you think the steps which i have mentioned is definitely helpful and share it further.



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I am a Mommy to an 1 year old little munchkin.Before becoming a Mom, I was all about doing and learning loads of stuff either through classes or through virtual world. This habit of mine triggered me to make my Mommy journey creative and fun after spending 2 super busy months indoor doing mom duties. Also after becoming a mom, I realised there are so many things a Mother needs to do and I am Blessed to have many people around me who guide me through this. But then there are some Moms who lacks that guidance in their life, which inspired me to start posting informative stuff related to pregnancy and parenting. Also i came across so many Moms who don’t get enough time to research about parenting, hence i thought of doing all the informative researches and keep it to the point and easy to be done with minimal availability of stuff around them. So you can expect lots of tips, personal experiences, DIYs and much more. This Mommy is here for you round the clock !!
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15 thoughts on “How To Teach Animals To A Toddler

  1. Really very helpful i am trying the same way.. Thanx to ur guide of teaching.. Thank u so so much for this parenting tips n guide.. Keep mommyfying…

  2. informative , will try for my baby with fladh cards ones ..thankz anisha for such sn amazing overviews ?? you are doing a great job

  3. My second favourite! !Never realised there are so many ways to teach a simple concept like animals or fruits to kids,until I saw this !!Truly inspiring!!

  4. Your tips have helped me a lot in teaching my little one. She’s 16 months old and knows more than 25 animals. I worked a lot on “REPETITION”. Not a single day I missed repeating the names of the animals. Also tried showing her some real animals.
    These tips we’re undoubtedly successful on my lil one.

  5. My baby absolutely loves animals and she knows almost all the general ones.. The first animal I taught her was Cow and the sound “moo” . In trips,I would keep showing her animals through the way and how they sounded and she picked up quiet well.. I have Nat Geo book of animals and it has lots of other varieties and she loves flipping through it.

  6. Loved to read this entire blog Momma…n the best thing,it’s not a rocket science to teach them stuff…I m so cramming the line u used that 10-15 Min daily is all we need n real world is the key…M hooked to Ur trick now…n planning a zoo trip soon too ?…Keep writing n sharing Ur experience..???

  7. I started with some books and sticker of few farm animals first. They big charts of wild animals helped. But that too very few she knows. Good trick of keeping asking or prompting works. Didn’t thought of DIY activity with animal theme. Will surely try out for my little one

  8. first I thank your wonderful giving an idea which I mostly watch all your post my son’ s 1yr old same like your daughter just follow up yours its really great think to teach them with flash card ..i really will do the same him give some knowledge learning things .

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