Once we have a Daughter, one of Our Major Concern is to get her Ears Pierced. We got Baby K’s ears pierced when she was 2.5 months old #bestdecision. Since then everytime I cross a neighbour or relative, their first question to me is , You already got her Ears Pierced ?? Wow !! How??When??Where??


Sharing Some Tips that made this Process easy for us:

? If you are not bounded with some fixed date or any ritual,  get your baby’s ear pierced in the 3rd Month or as early as possible, Reason being :
?their skin is really soft
?they cant pull their ears by then..
?the intensity of pain felt by them is low..
? You can choose to go to a Jeweller or a Doctor, just make sure they are experienced and use sterlized instruments..

? Try to pick an earring which can be sealed from behind with instrument instead of the screw one, to avoid misplacing it.
? When they mark points on ears, be very careful that it is in centre, becuase once pierced there is no going back..

? Once the piercing in done, immediately start feeding the baby to soothe him down..

? Get the piercing done in the morning, so if you get any problem you can visit the Doctor on the same day ..

? Make sure to apply cocunut oil 5-6 times a day on her ears and rotate the earrings (to check if its not jammed) .. Continue this for atleast 12-15 days..

? If the earrings are stuck or the ears are getting swollen, consult a Doctor immediately..
? If the Baby is having pain on the day of piercing(like crying a lot or feeling uncomfortable), ask your doctor about giving some paracetamol to ease the pain..

Getting Ear pierced is No rocket science and We Mothers feel more pain then our super strong babies.. Thats what our Jeweller said to me When i asked him that will it be very painful ?? ??

I hope these tips can guide you through !

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I am a Mommy to an 1 year old little munchkin.Before becoming a Mom, I was all about doing and learning loads of stuff either through classes or through virtual world. This habit of mine triggered me to make my Mommy journey creative and fun after spending 2 super busy months indoor doing mom duties. Also after becoming a mom, I realised there are so many things a Mother needs to do and I am Blessed to have many people around me who guide me through this. But then there are some Moms who lacks that guidance in their life, which inspired me to start posting informative stuff related to pregnancy and parenting. Also i came across so many Moms who don’t get enough time to research about parenting, hence i thought of doing all the informative researches and keep it to the point and easy to be done with minimal availability of stuff around them. So you can expect lots of tips, personal experiences, DIYs and much more. This Mommy is here for you round the clock !!
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  1. Agreed. Its no rocket science. I have a son so probably don’t have to worry about piercing till he’s at least 16 and he threatens us with this whole rebellion teenager phase. ?

  2. wow!!! That was an important and interesting read. Piercing at 3rd month is scary but the points you mentioned is convincing. Did the doctor agree i mean did you consult a pediatrician?


  3. I also pierced ears of my daughter at very small age . I like the tips you have suggested to all mothers of girls about ear piercing. I agree that it should be done in early months of after birth.

  4. We south Indians have a tradition dat ear piercing shld be done ly aftr 1 yr…..but at I have seen people piercing for lill babies as early like befr 6 months reason same as u said…tissue vll be soft and work is easy…

  5. Every step with baby is difficult for first time mama. Such articles help them get them through every phase with ease. Highly informative post.

  6. Congratulations on having your own blog you are one of the few moms I started following initially and follow till now and this post is one of the most helpful posts for me keep up the good work

  7. This is one thing I have been quiet worried about. I was meaning to do it sooner but I wasn’t sure my baby would be able to convey the pain or what if we don’t do it right. Now, she’s 2 and I feel I should have done it earlier. Thanks for sharing your insight. ☺

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