The Percentage of C-section seems to be growing rapidly and everyone around even the Doctors are going to tell you that C-Section is such an easy way of delivery and you will have to do nothing and its going to be completely painless.. Ya right !! Painless just throughout the operation, Once the effects of anesthisia are gone you end up crying out for HELP .. Though the body takes it own time to recover from the pain of stitches, there are Some tips and measures which can help you feel better post delivery and can speed up your recovery..



  1. Keep Body in Motion- First and the most important is to keep your body in motion instead of taking rest all the time, initial 2-3 days you will have to take complete rest but post that get your body into action and keep increasing your movements day by day but only if you are feeling comfortable, don’t exert yourself or cause any pressure to your stitches.
  2. Avoid Stress on the belly- For the first 2 months avoid sitting on the floor, sleeping on your stomach, sitting straight up on stomach or any such activity that can strain your stitches.
  3.  Abdominal Belt- Consult your Doctor about using abdominal belt post delivery.
  4.  Back Exercies- Ask your Doctor to assign you some physiotherapist or provide you a chart of back  exercises and start doing them from 2nd day of your delivery to make your back strong again and to avoid back aches in future. But start doing it under expert guidance for the first 2-3 days and then continue them for atleast 2 Months.aid1297116-v4-728px-Exercise-After-a-C-Section-Step-9-Version-3.jpg
  5. Soothing Massages- Get a good massage on your hands, legs, neck and chest.. Can get a massage on back in sitting position.. Don’t lie on your stomach or massage it for atleast 2 months.
  6. Clean and Dry stitches- Make sure to keep your stitches clean and dry, cover them with a towel while taking bath till your doctor doesn’t give a heads up.
  7. Healthy Diet- Begin with eating light and healthy food items and avoid those which can cause gastric issues or any digestive issues, otherwise the pressure during bowel movements might hurt the scar or cause internal injury.
  8. Workout for Saggy Belly- Start working out as soon as your Doctor allows you, to shed those stubborn fats around the tummy causing saggy belly.. But only under guidance.
  9. Sleep on Stomach- After 2 months of delivery, if you are comfortable with your stitches start sleeping on your belly to make it strong again.
  10. Health first- If you experience any major pain in your stitches, immediately consult your Doctor.


These are some of the tips which helped me in speedy recovery post operation.. I hope these tips can help new moms out with the post delivery routine.. Also i would like to suggest all the Moms to be that if you have an option to go for Normal delivery, try for it till last moment.. Its much better than to have your baby in natural way rather than getting a cut on your body for life and it is much healthier option in the long run ..


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  1. I wish someone would have told me these things when I delivered some 18 months back,thanks for writing this as it’s going to help new mothers

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