Tips to Exercise Indoor with no equipments

If you are a Mom then you know it very well that the struggle to lose weight and finding time to exercise is real. While some of us are lucky enough to have house help or family around, because of which we can go out and workout but there are large number of Moms out their without any househelp and struggle to workout with infant or toddler around. I used to find this as an excuse to skip workout but then I realized that it is must for my body and I started finding out ways of doing workout, which wont take much of time, space or equipments and this way I can easily manage toddler along. Best of all is to go out for a 30-40 mins walk but if you cant take out time to do that then try these-

  1. SURYANAMASKAR – This is one of the best excercise which covers your whole body. You can easily find tutorials on youtube, All you need is a mat. Every set takes about 30 secs, you can start with 3 sets and keep on increasing your count. Video for Suryanamaskar- https://youtube.com/v/dX4qML3HtT0
  2. SKIPPING- Again this excercise covers your whole body, hardly takes up 10-15 mins and all you need is a skipping rope.
  3. CLIMBING STAIRS- Whenever you get time or opportunity, try to climb up and down on stairs. It wont take much of your time, you can easily find stairs and will work on all your body parts.

Now these were the 3 exercises which would cover your whole body, wont disturb your routine and would need no special equipments. Sharing some other exercises which you can do while working.

  1. SQUAT INSTEAD OF BENDING- Whenever you need to bend down to pick up something, clean or do any xyz task just try doing squat position instead of bending from back. This will not only help in tonning thighs but will also keep your back relaxed.
  2. PHYSICAL GAMES – You can run around with your toddler, play bat and ball, throw ball, or any games which would keep on your toes.
  3. DANCE- Just turn on the music and dance with your baby like no ones watching, this will help you workout, baby will have fun and this will also help in increasing the bond between you two.

Now these are some activites that you can incorporate while playing with your little one. And if you seriously like this idea then there are a lot of exercises like wall push-up, plank, bridging, abs and a lot more which can be done within 5-5 mins and you can find such tutorials easily online. Remember it is important to look after yourself and your body too.


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1 thought on “Tips to Exercise Indoor with no equipments

  1. This are great ideas. I always end up of thinking to join gym for weight loss but when a toddler is around and no help at home, these are some good ones to try at home. At least there will be some calorie burning than nothing.

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