Toddler Concentration and Preferences – Frequently Asked Questions

Its been more than a year of blogging and one ques that I am asked most frequently is – “How has Krisha got such good concentration span?” What if I tell you that it is all dellusional? Honestly she is just like every other kid who plays for only 2 mins and then runs off.

Some of the most frequently asked questions related to this:

  1. When will my baby sit and start doing activities? Research says that till 4 years, their attention span might just be of mere 10 minutes. Ofcourse it varies from child to child but in most of the cases its 10 mins and for 2 years old it is hardly 3-4 mins.
  2. How do I increase their concentration span? Try to find out their area of interest by hit and trial methods and let them have more activities from the genre they love the most. This way they will learn how to sit and do stuff which will further help in increasing their attention span.
  3. My little one gets distracted very easily, how can i work on that? Like I said they have low attention span, secondly make sure you dont keep a lot of toys around them. With no options to play around with, there will be less distraction and more of concentration towards those 2-3 toys.
  4. How come your child sits and do activities so patiently? First of all, every child is different. Secondly, dont go by 10 seconds video of kids doing activities. There are times when my daughter is doing a particular activity for hardly 20-30 seconds and then starts running around.
  5. My child is more into physical actvities and not interested in learning numbers,colors, etc what to do? Being physically activity is best for every age group, if they have more interest in physical games then try to club learning with physical activities, so it can be a win-win situation for both of you.
  6. My child just doesn’t want to do this XYZ particular stuff? May be your child doesnt like it, so either find creative ways of presenting it in front of them or leave it for some days and introduce again after sometime.
  7. When can we start working towards their Concentration? You may start from the time they are 3-4 months old, by giving them books and toys during tummy time or showing it to them while they are lying down. There is no certainity of anything in case of kids but keep trying.
  8. What is our major role in building their interest towards something? Just giving them toy or activity wont work. You need to do that particular thing may be countless times in front of them or with them, be there with them not just by being physically but have all your attention on them. Even if they do anything partially right then applause for them and encourage them to do better.
  9. How do I teach them numbers, colors, animals and all that? First of all, dont confuse them by introducing all of it together. Go one by one and repetition is the key to teaching anything and everythting. Check this link to see how you can do that- How to Teach Animals, Colors and shapes
  10. Which toys are the best to increase their concentration? Avoid musical toys and go for bright colored wooden toys or books instead of plastic toys. Toys with different sensory feel and attractive images will instantly catch their attention. Some toys that I reccomend- Learning Toys Suggestion

Last and the most inportant tip is that you need to show your 100% attention towards them in order to get 20-30% back from them. Always remember that they learn more from our actions than what we say.

P.S- I am not an expert, just another Mom who is writing all of this out of experience. If you want to add anything to it or disagree with any point then do share with me in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Toddler Concentration and Preferences – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Toddlers have limited attention span and they are the naturally buzy people. I have a toddler at home who loves to paint but sometimes when I set up everything, he doesn’t want to paint. Then what? The painting activity changes to color recognition activity. I agree with all your points. Every child is doffiand so are their interests. Going with the follow and following their insticts is the best way.
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