Travelling with a Toddler: Complete Guide


First step towards travelling is to decide on location and hotel:

  1. Check for the weather of the location for the dates you are planning to go.
  2. Get reviews from someone who has travelled there, about how toddler friendly it is.
  3. Make important bookings like Hotel, Park tickets, conveyance in advance to avoid chaos.
  4. Pick a hotel in an area where there are super markets, medical facilities and easy access to transport for emergencies.
  5. Don’t go for a time bound booking routine because you never know how is your toddler’s mood.
  6. Dont change hotels if you are going to just one location because packing all the baby stuff again could be hectic and you want a relaxing holiday.


  1. Make a List beforehand so you dont miss out on important baby stuff.
  2. Carry a stroller and a carrier to keep your little one and yourself at ease.
  3. Take ready to eat baby food if your baby is not a fussy eater, you can get fries, rice, fruits almost everywhere. (more about food in next paragraph)
  4. Get all the medicines prescribed by the doctor according to the climate of that place and carry the important ones along with prescription.
  5. Try to cut down on unnecessary stuff because there will be a lot of important baby stuff.
  6. If your baby is a fussy eater then carry induction stove and utensils along
  7. If you baby is toilet trained carry their potty seat too, so you don’t disturb their routine.
  8. Don’t forget to carry their favourite book and portable toys to entertain them.


  1. Carry some home cooked food items which has long life like thepla or wheat sticks which can be given when you cant find food anywhere.
  2. Carry ready food items like Dal makhana, no preservative cookies or wafers.
  3. Carry ready to eat toddler food like poha, roasted rawa, ragi or you can get many options available in market.
  4. Ask for finger foods like french fries or popcorn to entertain then.
  5. You can easily find rice, khichdi, potato fries, bread jam, fruits and other toddler friendly food in any hotel.
  6. When stepping out of hotel make sure to keep some of above mentioned food in your bag for tantrums and emergency..
  7. When nothing else works, milk can always be your savior !!


The most important thing is to plan a proper sleeping and eating schedule for them, no matter where your are, it helps avoid cranky and clingy behaviour.


It is always easy to entertain them at the airport than in plane, let them play around on airport, have munchies and let them get tired and start feeding them within 5 mins of boarding the plane so they can sleep throughout the flight. For safety sake carry some books or toys which can entertain them in plane.


When you are in a restaurant, feed the baby once when you are done placing the order, so by the time food arrives baby wont be super hungry. Order fries or finger foods for them to keep them busy, if you are ok with a little screen time then its the best to keep them busy so you both can have your meal in peace together. Also some restaurants offer paper, pen, crayons etc,  Ask for it to keep your little one busy.


When visiting some tourist place, feed the baby on your way so you wont be in any load once you are there. Then put the baby into carrier or stroller and let them explore that place. If you are in some safe place , let them run around you because thats what keeps them happy.

Make sure wherever you are try to put them to sleep according to their routine just like at home, 1-2 hours up down is ok but it will help them feel relaxed, you will have some peace and they will let you maintain you sainity if their sleep schedule is sorted.


Last and the most important thing is to be calm and patient with them. Try to balance their sleep and food routine and rest everything will be sorted. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner, hotel staff or even strangers. Everybody understands how tough it is to manage a kid and they will to the best they can to help you out. Enjoy your trip because this time won’t come back and click a lot of pictures and make it a memorable one. There will be moments where you will totally lose it, might lose your temper but don’t feel guilty about it, At the end of the day we all are Humans and allowed to breakdown.

It is definitely not an easy task to travel with a toddler and there are certain points we often neglect or forget about. I hope this post of mine will help you plan your next trip hassle free.


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