YouandWellness101 is here, to help you lose weight !!

A few days back I came in contact with Riya from YouandWellness101 on Instagram. She is a nutritionist and in just 10 days of her guidance i lost more than 1kg by following some simple steps which does not require a lot of efforts or time, time is what we new moms lack the most and this is something perfect for those moms who are keen on losing weight with natural products without having to leave baby even for a minute. Some advantages of her diet plan are:

  1. No need to starve in order to lose weight.
  2. Lets you have meal 5 times, according to your schedule.
  3. No exercise required, if you wish you can do it.
  4. She is available round the clock.
  5. Instant results guaranteed.
  6. You can be load free about gaining weight in future.
  7. Keeps changing your diet according to weight.
  8. Flexible routine is allowed.
  9. Helps you in intake of healthy calories.
  10. No fixed duration, you can take the services till the time you are comfortable.

Her services are available Worldwide and for further information and process you can contact her on

Riya Sehgal – +918699105082 (Call or WhatsApp)

Instagram- Youandwellness101

Email- riya.sehgal6399@gmail.com



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1 thought on “YouandWellness101 is here, to help you lose weight !!

  1. I have been still bfing my 27 months old DD and I don’t see my weight reducing. I hope I can find a solution through you and wellness!!

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